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Unlike traditional stucco, which is non-insulating and typically comprised of Portland cement, sand, and water, synthetic stucco is really not stucco at all. Synthetic stucco generally refers to a type of Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS). EIFS is installed with a layer of foam secured to a wall board by an adhesive. Then a layer known as Brown coat is applied directly to the foam with a cloth like mesh for reinforcement. Then the finish coat can be applied and they come in various colors and texture.

The problem with EIFS is that if any moisture gets behind the foam it can and will cause major damage to the wood structure over a period of time. The damage caused by this particular product and or method has become widespread and has cost millions of dollars of damage to hundreds of homes here in the Mid-South. It has become increasingly difficult to sell your home if you have EIFS installed on your home.

There are several methods of repairs to the intrusion points of the home that can allow moisture to get behind the EIFS, but all those methods require a high rate of maintenance as well. These methods do not provide a good solution to the damage that may have been caused by moisture.

The only permanent solution is to remove EIFS and replace it with an alternative product. The most common alternative is brick.

Here at Diversified Builder we have successfully replaced dozens of homes with brick and/or stone brick combination. With are extensive knowledge and developed techniques we are the right choice for your existing EIFS home. We have proven methods to work around your existing landscape and lighting to eliminate or limit the damage to the area being replaced. Call for a free examination of your existing EIFS home and or place of business and we will gladly review your option with you.


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